Crises in the Environment: 3 Reasons Why Nothing Less Than Revolution Is Urgently Needed

Refugees from Syria where hellish wars and climate change have made life impossible at a refugee camp in Suruc, at the Turkey-Syria border. Photo: AP

1. In early May, researchers at Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Chemistry and the Cyprus Institute in Nicosia released a report that they have “calculated that the Middle East and North Africa could become so hot that human habitability is compromised.” And that “The goal Continue reading

The disappearance of bees and the possibility of a new kind of society

Over the past decade, bees have been disappearing and dying worldwide in disturbing numbers. In the first years of this, beekeepers would often find whole colonies of their adult honey bees just gone, never to return. Often only a few bees would be left in the hive, taking care of the queen Continue reading

The Ouarzazate solar plant in Morocco: triumphal “green” capitalism and the privatization of nature

We find this a valuable article even though we disagree with the author on some points. For example, he states, “The climate crisis we are currently facing is not attributable to fossil fuels per se, but rather to their unsustainable and destructive use in order to fuel the capitalist machine. In other words, Continue reading